NVQ Plastering
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NVQ Plastering

Get your NVQ level 2 Solid Plastering Qualification for FREE.

British Building Services have a team of CAA A1 qualified Assessors in Plastering, available to assess any plasterer who is already working in the trade, the NVQ assessments and portfolio required are free of charge.

Q. Why is it free

A. The government has released full funding for workers and apprentices wishing to gain an NVQ, as of 2010/11 it will be a statutory requirement for all tradesmen working in England on building sites to hold the necsasary NVQ qualification, this is because the UK is lacking in skilled / Qualified plasterers on site.

Don`t be put off by thinking its all paperwork and exams, because its not! you will have some paperwork to complete, but it is a work based qualification, and even if you think you might need some upskilling, or a little out of touch with todays standards we can provide any training you might require, this is also Free, after a short telephone conversation we can assess your needs. 

To register or get more information about NVQ qualifications email us with the following

Name - Contact Telephone number - Experience - Area

to registerfree@nvq-plastering.com

NVQ Plastering